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The Bureau of Internal Revenue has prescribed – late last year - new policies and guidelines in the processing of Authority to Print Official Receipts (ORs), Sales Invoices (Sis) and other Commercial Invoices (CIs).  This was contained in Revenue Regulation No. 18-2012 of October 22, 2012.

CPA-lawyer Antonio P. Acyatan explained that BIR formalities now involve on-line ATP Systems in the application, generation, approval and issuance for the printing of new receipts.  Receipts and invoices are now classified into Principal and Supplementary.

Principal receipts and invoices are written accounts evidencing the sale of goods and/or leasing of properties which shall be the basis of the output tax liability of the seller and input tax claim of the buyer.

Under the new system, the application by new registering taxpayers to print (ATP) shall be secured simultaneously with the Certificate of Registration (COR).  For old-registered businesses, they must now apply for printing of receipts under the on-line system.  Separate ATPs must be secured for head offices and branches of every enterprise.

Acyatan clarified further that with the implementation of the on-line system for application and issuances of ATPs, all unused or unissued receipts and invoices printed prior to the effectivity of the regulations may be used until June 30, 2013. After said date – businesses using old receipts and invoices will be penalized on per OR or Invoice basis.

He hastened to add that - in a recently-issued Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC 44-2013)dated June 11, 2013 – BIR has extended by sixty (60) days - the validity of Unused Principal and Supplementary Receipts/  Invoices which were printed prior to January 18, 2013.  From the previous deadline of June 30, 2013 said receipts may now be used up to August 30, 2013 (note:  NOT AUGIST 31).

Acyatan also reminded that all those who failed to file their On-line ATP as of April 30, 2013 are now being penalized at P1,000- per application which is required for every head office and per branch office.  Printing of receipts takes time since few printers have been accredited by BIR – so he advises taxpayers to file their ATPs as soon as possible!

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